The Impartiality Committee

An Impartiality Committee is established in order that HETAS has a management commitment to operate openly, objectively and impartially in accordance with the Product Certification Standard BS EN ISO 17065:2012. Whilst operating as a certification body for assessing companies to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme product and installer standards, and DCLG’s competent person authorisation criteria for registrants’ self-certifying work under the Building Regulations.

The Impartiality Committee membership is made up from representatives from relevant stakeholders, with a committee elected Chairperson independent of HETAS. The structure of the committee will have a balance of interest where no one group predominates.

The presence of objectivity is understood to mean that conflicts of interest do not exist, or are resolved so as not to adversely influence the activities of the body. Anyone wishing to raise an objection around the objectivity of the certification process can in the first instance contact the elected Chairperson via the HETAS quality representative. Click here to email directly.