HETAS Search

The HETAS Search can be found at the top of each page of the HETAS website and will enable you to locate your nearest installer, retailer, chimney sweep, appliance and fuels.

HETAS Search Options

  • Registered Installer – dry appliances, wet systems, biomass systems and plumbing & sanitary ware
  • Appliance – stoves, open fires, cookers, independent boilers, chimney systems
  • Retailer – trained showroom staff member providing quality advice
  • Chimney Sweeps – A good chimney is essential to the continuing efficient and safe operation of all solid fuel burning heating and cooking appliances
  • Find Fuels – Good quality fuels are essential for safe and efficient combustion as poor quality fuels wastes energy and costs more for the consumer. Search for biomass and solid mineral fuels

Simply click on the appropriate link at the top of the page or above.