A look ahead to Ecodesign – what changes are coming?

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The industry is preparing for incoming Ecodesign legislation, which is already in place for solid fuel boiler appliances and will apply to all solid fuel room heaters from January 2022. In simple terms, the regulations set new minimum seasonal efficiency and maximum emission requirements for all solid fuel appliances. Only those appliances that have been tested and verified as meeting these new limits will be able to be sold. Read more about the details of the Ecodesign requirements here.

HETAS fully supports the introduction of Ecodesign Compliant Stoves and has been working directly with manufacturers over the last few years who have achieved compliance with the requirements ahead of the 2022 deadline. We see this as an important measure to support our company mission of working together for a cleaner and safer environment.

There are clear environmental advantages to choosing an Ecodesign Compliant Stove. Burning dry wood with a moisture content of up to 20% in a modern Ecodesign compliant appliance emits up to 80% less PM2.5, than older inefficient appliances or open fires.

You can view a range of Ecodesign Compliant Stoves on the HETAS product search by using the tick box selection found at the bottom of the search fields.

We are aware that some consumers are concerned about what this means for installations they have booked or for their existing appliances. These regulations will not affect existing installations and as it stands, if the appliance has been proven to have been placed on the market before 1st January 2022 these installations can go ahead as planned.

We would recommend consulting directly with a HETAS Approved Retailer as to what stock they have available and what appliance would be suitable for your needs and room. If you select a room heater that is not Ecodesign Compliant, it would be recommended to speak directly to a HETAS Registered Installer to ensure they are able to carry out the work you are looking to have completed. They have access to a dedicated technical team should they need any support during your installation.

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