An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls

An on-site audit is an essential part of registration with HETAS, but it also provides an opportunity to meet with your local inspector and discuss technical issues face to face. The team provide you with a handy check list for inspections.

New registrants are required to be assessed annually for the first two years following their initial assessment to establish a clean track record. Existing registrants with a proven track record are assessed on a risk based method. This will involve a minimum of one on-site assessment of each existing registrant’s work every three years.

It is important to understand that the inspector isn’t trying to catch you out, but is simply assessing your installation for compliance with the relevant Building Regulations, relevant Standards and manufacturer’s instructions.

Where an inspection request has been made, it is important that you accommodate this and communicate with the inspector as soon as possible, to avoid issues with your registration.  It is also important that you meet the inspector and use the opportunity to discuss concerns. Be aware that there is a cancellation fee for missed appointments, as inspectors are not able to fill the time slots at short notice, so should you have any issues in arranging an inspection at the time and date requested by the inspector, please do make contact with the inspector so the necessary arrangements can be made.    HETAS doesn’t want to be in the position of suspending your registration due to a failure to arrange an inspection, but we must meet our requirements set by Government.

The Inspection

There is a handy checklist that is sent out with the inspection request, which details what to expect and any items that will be required on the day.  This includes relevant paperwork (copy of contract, manufacturer’s instructions, copy of Building Regulations and Technical Handbook, commissioning sheet and Certificate of Compliance) and test equipment, such as smoke pellets and flue draught gauge. Click here to view the inspection checklist.

The inspection comprises of a visual inspection, technical discussion and observation of testing/commissioning procedures.  Inspectors make it as informal as they can and will always try and make time to answer any questions you have during the process.

Inspections are a great way to speak to HETAS, as inspectors are in constant contact with main office.  Feedback is important, so please make the most of this time.

You will have likely met your inspector before.  The current HETAS inspection team is made up of the following:

  • Alan Young
  • Paul Cichy
  • Clive Stansfield
  • Mick Waumsley
  • Ray King
  • Lee Yanez
  • John Gregory
  • Warren Bellinger
  • David Fleming
  • Jim Howes

Get in touch with the HETAS team on or call us on 01684 278170. Click here for other latest news.

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