August Product Approvals

The following products have gained HETAS approval in August 2013. Simply click on the manufacturer to visit their website or click on the product to view more details. To find more HETAS Approved Appliances visit the ‘Find Appliance‘ page. Keep up to date with the latest HETAS product approvals in the News section of the HETAS website.

 HETAS MCS Approved Products

MCSProduct PD




HDG Bavaria GmbHdistributed by Euroheat Distributors (HBS) Ltd – HDG Compact C45 pellet, HDG Compact C45 wood chip, HDG Euro 45

HETAS Listings

FireHawk – CO5B 5 year life battery powered CO alarm

Approvals for September will be available on the HETAS website on Tuesday 1st October 2013

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