Bruce’s Newsletter Welcome March 2019

March 2019 Update

It’s always really sad when someone claiming to be a real installer is found to be a rogue trader; although it’s also really good news when these people are caught.

HETAS has been working with Trading Standards on a rogue trader case. Daniel Park, 26, from Crewkerne in Somerset, falsely claimed he was a HETAS registered installer and showed customers bogus certificates. Click on the link below to read about this case.

HETAS will continue to work with industry and Trading Standards to tackle rogue installers and promote legitimate registered installers to consumers.

There were breaches of safety regulations as well as consumer protection laws broken and Mr Parks was given a four month suspended sentence plus 200 hours community service. The case was presented on BBC Points West, with HETAS also interviewed at the home of a consumer who had been conned by Park. If you have concerns over tradespeople falsely claiming to be registered with HETAS or concerns over installations please do contact our whistleblowing team.

We go to great effort to keep registrants up to date with technical issues, and in this e-newsletter we have a piece about fixing fire surrounds properly and safely. Unfortunately, there was another fatal incident. We are keen to see this work undertaken safely by registered installers rather than by DIY or general tradespeople.

HETAS is keen to promote a “right first time” message to registered installers. We still get complaints about installers from their customers and on investigation we still find jobs done incorrectly, despite all the technical bulletins, training, newsletters, and the technical helpline. Every job you do right is a valuable advert for you and protects the reputation of our industry. Conversely, every poor job involves damages the reputation of the installer and our industry. The more installers and servicing businesses do to get the job right first time, the better. If inspect an allegedly dangerous installation we check to see if there is a good flue pull and whether it is as required by the manufacturer. All of our inspectors carry draft gauges and we are incredibly frustrated if we find that the appliance installer did not use a gauge to check this critical safety element.  Further on in the e-news is more information about testing. Failure to test properly can lead to Building Regulations being breached and customers put at risk. Please think carefully about making your work “right first time”.

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