Building Regulations Update for Wales

Building Regulations Update for Wales

Approved Document J WalesWelsh Government has now published it’s re branded Approved Documents and replace those issued by HM Government. The re-designed Approved Documents for Wales took effect from 03 April 2017.

Changes to Approved Documents

The Secretary of State’s functions under the Building Act 1984 were, subject to exceptions, transferred to the Welsh Ministers on 31 December 2011. Among the functions transferred was the making Building Regulations. Since the transfer of functions, the use of the Approved Documents in Wales and England has become increasingly confusing, particularly for those working in both Wales and England.

There have been no policy or technical amendments to the Approved Documents. The re-design is to clarify their application to Wales, improve readability and provide interactive navigation. The Approved Documents also comply with the Welsh Government’s policy of providing electronic versions of publications.

The Approved Documents B (Fire Safety) Volume 1 (Dwellinghouses) and volume 2 (Buildings other than dwellinghouses); Approved Document L (Conservation of fuel and power) L1A (new dwellings), L1B (existing dwellings), L2A (new buildings other than dwellings), L2B (existing buildings other than dwellings) dwellings, Approved Document R (Physical Infrastructure for high-speed electronic communications networks) and Approved Document 7 (Materials and workmanship) have already been republished in the Welsh Government format therefore do not form part of these changes.

The re-designed Approved Documents can be accessed on the Welsh Government website.

For installations in England, the existing H M Government editions of ADJ and the other Approved Documents remain valid.

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