Carbon Monoxide – Video 1

Protect Yourself and Your Family from Carbon Monoxide – The Dangers of CO & CO Alarm Information

Learn about carbon monoxide and the law with regards to carbon monoxide alarms and solid fuel appliance installations. We’ve included tips to test and maintain your alarm to keep you and your family safe.
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Video 1 Transcript

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas with no colour, taste or scent. It can be given off by faulty appliances, including gas, oil and solid fuel.

carbon monoxide is a product of incomplete combustion

The law in England and Wales states that new or replacement Solid Fuel installations in your home MUST also have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. Use a HETAS Registered installer to select and fit a compliant carbon monoxide alarm model. You can discuss a location for it to be fitted to make sure its positioning complies with Building Standards.

Take a note of the carbon monoxide alarm’s expiry date – your alarm will need to be replaced before this time. Your alarm will also need to be replaced a certain number of years after its installation – see the manufacturer’s instructions.

Test your carbon monoxide alarm regularly. HETAS support the “test it Tuesday” scheme. #testittuesday

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