HETAS biomass courses at CAT

Centre for Alternative TechnologyThe Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) is now offering the HETAS H005 biomass training course at their education and visitor centre in Wales. CAT is an education and visitor centre which demonstrates practical solutions for sustainability. We cover all aspects of green living: environmental building, eco-sanitation, woodland management, renewable energy, energy efficiency and organic growing. The site is a unique and valuable practical demonstration centre, a living laboratory with an enormous range of live examples of sustainable solutions.

CAT has a large range of installed renewable systems, including:

Solar thermal
A micro-grid
Off-grid and grid-connected systems
Biomass combined heat and power (CHP)
Air source heat pumps
A community heat main
A range of small to medium wind turbines

So why not make the most of the growing renewable heating market with a course in biomass installation.As a HETAS Approved Training Centre CAT can offer two courses designed to enable plumbers and heating installers looking at becoming biomass installers, the HETAS H005 and HETAS H005BR.

Course Details

Details of the 2103 courses are outlined below, for further information visit the CAT website  at courses.cat.org.uk or get in touch using the details below. The cost of the H005 is £1000 which includes VAT, accreditation fees, accommodation and meals, with the H005BR and additional £149.


Get in touch with the Courses Department on 01654 704952, email courses@cat.org.uk or visit the website at courses.cat.org.uk/hetas

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