Chimney Fire Safety Week 2016

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2016

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2016 takes place from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th September. Led by the Fire Kills campaign, HETAS will be supporting the campaign and we would like your support too. If you know of any homeowners who have experienced a chimney fire as a result of maintenance neglect, we’d like to hear from you. Please get in touch by email to

Fire is a major killer in the UK, causing about 382 deaths each year on average. These figures are on the decline, but the need for further fire safety awareness remains paramount in order to ensure these numbers keep dropping. Here are a number of statistics about fires in the UK and the damage they can have on homes, lives and families. There were 258 fire fatalities in England in 2014-15. This was 16 fewer (six per cent) than in previous year and 30 per cent lower than ten years ago.

Chimney Fires

The Office of National Statistics refers to a chimney fire as any fire in an occupied building where the fire was confined within the chimney structure. In the year 2013-2014 there were just 7,700, a decline of 18% (9,400) from the year previous. This decline is a positive step and proves how increased awareness of the causes of chimney fires can prevent major damage to homes, especially since the sales and installations of stoves and log burners has increased over the last few years. We hope to have up to date statistics  for 2015/2016 shortly.

Chimney fires by country for 2014/2015 were as follows:

  • England – 5,171
  • Scotland – 975
  • Wales – 549

We will be working with Fire Kills to raise awareness over the coming months in the lead up to Chimney Fire Safety Week 2016 and we will keep our registrants informed via our monthly newsletters.

Get in touch on if you’d like to offer your support to the campaign or visit the official website to find out more:

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