Chasing Debts?

Chasing Debts?

Recent research has shown that small businesses are owed over £700m in unpaid invoices and the wait for payment is now 84 days! It also shows that small businesses spend an extra 14 days chasing debts. How can HETAS help?

Nearly 50% of all invoice are paid late, yet 79% of business don’t charge interest that they are allowed under Law.

HETAS has for a number of years had a business relationship with Prompt Payer whereby Installers will automatically receive FREE premium membership of Prompt Payer as part of their HETAS registration. Membership with Prompt Payer normally costs £250.

Services Available

What Prompt Payer will do for you:

  • They follow a debt collection procedure, as set out by the Financial Services Authority
  • Where applicable, we calculate and add interest and charges as permitted by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998
  • Provide you with a paper trail in case of court action
  • They are on your side and have heard EVERY excuse
  • Prompt Payer will help you through the court process if required
  • Take the stress away
  • Membership is already paid for by HETAS, we take NO collection fee

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