Chimney Fire Safety Week 2021

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2021

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2020

Chimney Fire Safety Week is back for 2021! The annual campaign takes place this August/September. What will you be doing to support the campaign this year with the Clean Air Strategy putting extra spotlight on our industry.

HETAS met with the team from Fire Kills and once again we are pleased to be supporting the campaign which works with industry and Fire and Rescue Services to promote this positive safety message to consumers. We really want to know how you will be supporting the campaign this year. Chimney fires represent less than 3% of total fires, however such fires are totally avoidable provided consumers take the appropriate action.

Awareness and Action

Ultimately the campaign strives to raise awareness of chimney fires and encourage consumers to take action. The campaign focuses on the importance of chimney sweeping and appliance maintenance, the use of quality fuels and tips to get the most efficiency from a stove.

Chimney fires have been steadily decreasing in most regions over the years, with the period from January to March usually the peak season for chimney fires, with figures identifying over 40% of chimney fires in England taking place over those three months.

Once again, HETAS is providing a number of graphics that you can use on your website and social media channels to show your support. As soon as we have the official figures on chimney fires for 2020/21 from the Home Office and devolved administrations we will make them available for you in the HETAS Technical Area. You will be able to see how your region is performing. Check in to the HETAS Technical Area ahead of the campaign to view the support images available and share the videos and images we will be sharing across the HETAS and Woodsure social media channels.

A campaign briefing pack has been sent to Fire and Rescue Services by the Fire Kills team, so make sure you engage with your local service on social media channels. The pack includes social post materials such as the example below.

Connect with HETAS:

The 2021 campaign will run from Monday 30th August and we have designed some clear, concise images to be shared across social media channels during the week. An example of the images below and the full set can be downloaded by using the ‘Download the Chimney Fire Safety Toolkit’ button.

Get in touch and let us know how you’ll be supporting the campaign this year.

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