Review of the Clean Air Act

Call for Evidence – have your say!

Review of the Clean Air Act: As part of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge, The Clean Air Act (CAA) 1993 is being reviewed through a Call for Evidence. There are three main objectives of the review:

  • Reducing burdens on business and local authorities;
  • Making environmental rules and regulations more user friendly; and
  • Maintaining the quality of environmental regulations

Review of the Clean Air Act

The Call for Evidence presents evidence on the importance of the measures in the Act for air quality management and the burdens in terms of time and resources the Act places upon local authorities and business. Also outlined are selected stakeholders’ views for improving the Act. The purpose of the Call for Evidence is to seek your views on the current evidence base and your assistance with filling in evidence gaps. Defra welcome any comments and ideas you have for improving the Act and meeting the above policy objectives. Each section of the Act is covered, explaining in simple terms what the purpose of each provision is and outlining the evidence gathered to date:

Part I: Dark Smoke

Part II: Smoke, Grit, Dust and Fumes

Part III: Smoke Control Areas

Part IV to VII: Variety of Measures

The CAA is a Great Britain Act, but the Red Tape challenge review is an England only exercise. The Devolved Administrations remain key stakeholders and the Call for Evidence welcomes comments from stakeholders throughout the UK and further afield.

The Call for Evidence is open until 29th October 2013.

The following documents can be found on the Defra website:

  • Clean Air Act Call for Evidence summary document
  • Consultee letter
  • List of consultees

To view the Call for Evidence and to complete the online survey click here to visit Defra’s website.

Further information on the Government’s Red Tape challenge can be found at


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