CO Awareness Week 2016

CO Awareness Weekcoawareness-logo

November 21st to 27th is Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week. Join people, organisations and businesses of all sizes to help raise awareness of the danger of carbon monoxide.

Organised by Lynn Griffiths and her charity, Carbon Monoxide Awareness, the campaign is now in its eleventh year. Lynn suggests there are a number of ways you can get involved to support the charity and the campaign this year:

  1. Update your carbon monoxide materials with the charity’s logo and messages. This could be via your website, blogs, leaflets, posters, magazines, eNewsletters or advertising.
  2. Use your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin to warn about the dangers of carbon monoxide.
  3. Hold an event to engage your local community and make everyone aware of the importance of being carbon monoxide aware.
  4. Talk to school children, scouts, cubs, brownies, girl guides, lunch clubs etc about the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home, while camping or on boats.
  5. Promote the charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness and Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week to the public by engaging local and national media.
  6. Promote carbon monoxide to your staff on your intranet, email signatures, screensavers, staff noticeboards and staff training.
  7. Do you have a store or business? Why not add information about the dangers of carbon monoxide to your notice boards, websites or plan tannoy announcements throughout National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week?
  8. Help raise much needed funds for the charity by holding charity ‘wear your own clothes to work/school days’, car washes, sell cakes, raffles, bingo etc.
  9. If you or your family has been effected by carbon monoxide please talk to your local press and/or TV about what happened to you/your family. Let them know you are doing this to show your support to the charity “Carbon Monoxide Awareness’ and the charity’s 8th National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.
  10. Just click and show your support:

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Charity is an independent registered charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers. If you are planning something during CO Awareness Week, get in touch with Lynn and let her know.

HETAS also has a range of consumer advice leaflets available to our registrants via the HETAS Shop, including a FREE carbon monoxide leaflet. Visit to order your copies.

Many of you will have also seen recent press coverage surrounding Which? testing of carbon monoxide alarms. Visit the HETAS News Page to find out more information.