Fuel Quality

Wood fuel and other biomass fuels show the Woodsure and HETAS fuel quality seal of quality assurance to give customer confidence that the fuel is safe, efficient and reliable.

Owning and maintaining a solid fuel appliance requires a significant investment in both time and money. Woodfuel producers can help the safety and efficiency of customer appliances by providing wood fuel that has been assessed by Woodsure and HETAS to meet the relevant fuel quality standard.

The scheme covers the following biomass fuels:


Briquettes (Woody)

Pellets (Woody)

Wood chip

Hog fuel

Visit the Woodsure website to find out more about these fuels.

The Ready to Burn website has further information on firewood.

What the logo stands for

Good product – We assess producers against European standards for solid biomass fuel, including the absence of any chemical treatment. We are committed to help ensure that consumers get the safest possible offering.

Good product description – Giving customers the choice over which fuel source to choose from is often an issue. Any firewood you see bearing the HETAS mark should tell you the moisture content, length, species of wood, pack size and country of origin. This gives you the opportunity to make an informed choice on what fuel goes into your appliance.

Good process – Good process is a large part of the HETAS scheme. The drive behind this is to ensure that consumers get products that always meet a quality standard, so you know what to expect. We assess accredited producers processes in order to see whether they can consistently deliver good products. Consistent fuel will help the reliability of your appliance.

What does HETAS do?

Woodsure and HETAS ensure that consumers have access to fuel that is economical, reliable and safe for their appliances. To achieve this, we work with wood fuel producers by accrediting their biomass fuels. Producers that apply for the Quality Assured Fuel status will have their product and production line checked to to ensure that they can deliver deliver a reliable quality product.


  • Having the HETAS logo on your product will maximise the credibility of your offering. HETAS is an industry leader and the brand is renowned amongst industry peers and consumers alike.
  •  A listing in the HETAS Guide and on the website Fuel Search.
  • Increase your sales in a growing market of solid fuel appliance owners.
  • The wood fuel customer will be assured that they are buying the right product for their installation which will burn both safely and efficiently.
  • Producers can demonstrate that they have good processes in place to guarantee deliveries of the right product.
  • Product labelling is consistent across suppliers which enables the consumer to make an informed choice.
  • Producers can attain positive differentiation for their premium product.
  • The scheme promotes a good image for wood fuel heating.
  • With various government incentives and targets (RHI,Green Deal) to aim towards, the biomass fuel market is growing with new customers. HETAS accreditation is a mark that instantly communicates to customers that you are selling a quality product.
  • HETAS promotes accredited suppliers through our website, stove retailers, installers, marketing communication channels (Public Relations, Advertising, Social Media, Printed Media) and national exhibitions, seminars and events.