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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to have a profound impact on our daily lives, it is important that businesses ensure they are operating in a COVID-19 Secure way.

There are numerous resources in place to assist businesses in operating in a challenging environment.

In England, guidance for retailers was recently updated with additional guidance, including information on the government’s Winter Action Plan. The UK Government’s COVID-19 Winter Plan presents a programme for suppressing the virus, protecting the NHS and the vulnerable, keeping education and the economy going and providing a route back to normality. The plan sets out the Government’s approach to ending the national restrictions on 2 December. Changes to guidance for retailers include updated risk assessment guidance.

Guidance is also available for WalesScotland, and Northern Ireland.

Working in other people’s homes

The positive news is that each region has permitted tradespeople to continue working, provided they can ensure they are COVID-19 Secure. Tradespeople have been required to undertake these measures for several months now.

Guidance for each region can be found in the following links:

HSE Resources

The HSE website also has a wide range of resources, including the information below.

HSE is also undertaking spot checks on all types of businesses to ensure they are COVID-Secure.

HSE Inspectors will make COVID-secure checks as part of their normal role in visiting workplaces during the pandemic. To ensure they reach as many workplaces as possible nationally and support the core work of our inspectors, they are working with trained and approved partners to deliver the spot check calls and visits.

Officers that visit premises will be carrying identification from their business and a letter of authorisation from HSE. If you wish to verify an officer that calls or visits your organisation, please call 0300 790 6896.

Popular guidance

The HETAS office remains open and we are operating our usual hours. You can contact the team in the usual ways here.

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