Defra’s Burn Better Campaign

The ‘Burn Better’ campaign is a joint initiative supported by Defra, the Solid Fuel Association and HETAS to help reduce emissions and improve people’s health. This year the initiative is calling on those with solid fuel appliances in their homes to help improve air quality.

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Some simple steps can be taken such as using seasoned wood, which has a moisture content of less than 20%, or authorised smokeless fuels, and regular servicing and sweeping of the appliance, can help improve air quality. Remember to check your manufacturer’s instructions as to what fuels are suitable and the service procedures for your installation. 

This campaign is a commitment in the government’s Clean Air Strategy to help improve air quality. Recent research that surveyed over 2,000 people revealed two thirds of respondents, admitted to burning materials detrimental to air quality and health such as wrapping paper, household plastic and furniture. 

Ready to Burn Certification marks
Choose fuels that display the Ready to Burn certification marks

Bruce Allen, CEO at HETAS, said: 

It’s worrying to see many people are burning materials that are harmful to air quality in the UK and are unaware of the negative impact burning the wrong type of fuels can have on their health. With people due to spend more time in their homes this winter, I would urge everyone with an open fire or stove to consider improving burning habits by reassessing the types of fuels used. Choosing better versions of standard fuels, such as sustainably sourced and seasoned wood, and looking out for the ‘ready to burn logo’ are small changes but can have a huge impact in helping to keep you and your household safe.

The ‘burn better’ campaign aims to offer advice about choosing the cleanest fuels, ensuring if you burn wood it is Ready to Burn, the servicing of your appliance and the safety of your chimney. All these points will contribute to improving air quality and the longevity of your installation.

Click here to visit the burn better page.

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