Ecodesign Compliant Stoves

HETAS Ecodesign Compliant

From 1st January 2022, all room heater stoves sold on the UK market will need to meet newly implemented requirements on the amount of emissions emitted during solid fuel and biomass appliance use.

The Ecodesign Regulations will set stricter minimum seasonal efficiency and maximum emission requirements for solid fuel burning room heater stoves, room heater stoves with boilers and cooker appliances. Only those appliances that have been tested and verified as meeting these new limits will be able to be sold and installed legally within the UK. The emission limits include those for Particulate Matter (PM), Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

There are a number of advantages in the installation of an Ecodesign compliant room heater stove, which can have significant impact in the improvement of the UK’s air quality.

Advantages of an Ecodesign Compliant Appliance

  • Appliances that have been tested to meet the more stringent emission requirements for PM’s, OGC, CO and NOx, even before Ecodesign’s implementation date in 2022.
  • New seasonal efficiency factor, recognising aspects of better controllability of the appliance in increasing efficiency
  • Higher efficient appliances, meaning more heat into the room and lower overall operational costs of the appliances
  • Information of performance more freely available on retailer website, meaning more informative choice can be made at the purchasing stage
  • End-of-life information now provided to ensure appliance are appropriately recycles/disposed
  • Support of recently circulated government initiatives, including the Clean Air Strategy

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