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Ecodesign Ready Scheme: Air quality is important to all of us. Even though wood burning is a relatively low source of emissions, The Stove Industry Alliance feel it is important to reduce emissions from wood burning stoves even further.

The official launch of the scheme will be on 28th February in the Houses of Parliament. The key note speaker will be Neil Parish, Chair of the Select Committee on the Environment and Rural Affairs.

Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lowering emissions. It is due to come into force in the UK in 2022. The main manufacturers in the SIA have decided to release stoves that will meet the lower emission limits now, six years early.

Ecodesign Ready Scheme

As with HD ready TVs the Ecodesign Ready label will inform consumers that the stove will meet the new stringent emission limits.

The Ecodesign Ready scheme is supported by DEFRA. The SIA Ecodesign Ready label will set the standard for the most environmentally friendly stoves available today.

The scheme is being overseen by HETAS, who will independently verify that the stoves meet the fundamental requirements of Ecodesign. The stoves will also appear on the HETAS website search with the Ecodesign Ready label.

Independent tests have shown that an Ecodesign Ready stove produces 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and 84% fewer than a stove of ten years ago. Ecodesign Ready stoves are measurably better for the environment.

You can search now for appliances that are now listed on the Ecodeisgn Ready Scheme by using the HETAS Find Appliance search function.

Get in touch with the HETAS Product Approval team to find out more about the Ecodesign Ready Scheme and getting stoves listed. Call 01684 278170 or email the team on

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