Edistone keeping busy!

An Open Day and a visit from Second Year Forestry Students from Bangor University made for a busy start to May for the team at Edistone in Powys.

At the Open Day on Bank Holiday Monday, Edistone invited local people to explore the woodland as it was waking up for Spring while also raising funds for the  Action for Children charity. Keith Blacker from Edistone commented “There was heavy damage in the storm of 12th February which made an ideal backdrop for the guided walk. This was based on the effect of storm damage on woodlands. Over the years there have been a series of incidents and those who came got an insight into the way devastation turns into new life as natural regeneration takes advantage of the extra light received through new gaps in the canopy.”

Keith continues “The student presentation focused on the need to understand customer needs when developing products and services from the forest. We then looked at the way in which satisfying those needs played back into every aspect of forest work. The firewood sector is notorious for treating is customers poorly and we explored ways in which this could be changed.”

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