Governance and Industry Support

HETAS Limited (known as HETAS).  The acronym stands for Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme. The Company is a legal entity and operates as a company limited by guarantee; not having any share capital.

Our purpose is: To promote the safe and effective use of solid fuels, biomass and related technology. Click here to view our organisational Purpose and Objectives. To achieve this we commit to the following objectives and providing a service to the industry:

  •  As a certification body, we are responsible for all of its certification activities. An agreement between HETAS and its clients takes in to account the responsibilities of each of the certification schemes.
  • As an industry lead expert, we work closely with government, appliance and chimney manufacturers’ installers, fuel producers, distributors and all manner of associated parties from across the biomass sector with the goals of advancing training, raising awareness and improved end-user safety in this exciting, emerging, renewable arena.
  •  As a not for profit organisation the Company is governed by an industry body of Members (previously called “the Council”).  These Members offer general direction and guidance from an independent industry perspective for the on-going activities offered by HETAS. They also have a say in any surplus funds offered to pursue the purpose of HETAS:  ‘to promote the safe and effective use of solid fuels, biomass and related technology’.