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As it stands, all solid fuel roomheater appliances are required to undergo initial type testing by a notified body against the requirements of the current set of harmonised test standards, to evidence compliance against the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations.

With advancements in appliance design to provide more efficient and cleaner burning of biomass and other solid fuels, it is important for recognised standards to also develop, so that they better reflect any changes to installation and operational parameters of appliances within consumer homes.

Over the last few years, HETAS and industry stakeholders have supported the development of a new suite of appliance test standards. The new suite of standards builds on the earlier requirements for the UK, as well as some additional testing criteria to better protect consumers e.g., improved hearth temperature measurements, clearance distances above an appliance, dedicated external air supply classification and more.

The standards are currently being developed through CEN technical committees and BSI mirror committee activities, however, to ensure all applicable stakeholders have their say, HETAS are inviting manufacturers of approved appliance to comment on the proposals, to ensure a consensus can be agreed and to enable those members who want to be proactive in promoting compliant solid fuel burning appliances, a way to make an effective contribution.

This is a great opportunity to play a significant part in shaping the future of appliance testing standards, and HETAS welcome comments from all recognised areas of the industry who may be affected by changes to the UK testing regimes proposed. The current suite of test standards and future changes are dependent on the design and functionality of the appliance. The new 16510 suite standards are designed with a primary part incorporating general requirements for all appliance designs, and supported by a number of sub-parts, which are categorised via the following;

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HETAS approved manufacturers are invited to submit comments on the proposals via the links below, or by submission of comments directly to HETAS at

HETAS Technical Documentation

Alongside development of BSI standards, HETAS are also in the process of undertaking a continued review of its technical documentation to include updates on changes to standards and regulations.
A couple of documents are currently out for review and industry comment, including TN_0020 Direct External Air Supply; Design, Installation & Commissioning Guidance as well as TN_0021 Commissioning Guidance Note.

HETAS welcome any additional comments and feedback during the review and development of its technical documentation, further information can be obtained from contacting or by visiting the technical area of the HETAS website at

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