HETAS Guide 2019

HETAS Guide 2019 published

HETAS Guide 2019HETAS is proud to announce the publication of the HETAS Guide 2019. You should already have received your copy of the new Guide. More than ever before consumers want the right advice before purchasing an appliance, the HETAS Guide can help.

A vital tool for HETAS installers and retailers, the new HETAS Guide 2019 is packed to the brim with clear, concise information on approved appliances and equipment, yet retains a similar look and feel following positive feedback from installers, retailers and manufacturers. The Guide’s principal aim remains, to assist consumers making sure they get expert advice and the right appliance for their home.

An important publication

Bruce Allen, HETAS CEO said:

“More than ever before, consumers are feeling the need to speak to someone before they choose and appliance. With awareness of Defra’s Clean Air Strategy and the benefits of carbon saving from wood fuel, the purchasing decision can seem relatively complex. In the last year consumer calls to HETAS have doubled and many calls are about what must be considered when choosing a stove. At that point we can use the information we have on the website and in the HETAS Guide 2019 to help people choose an appliance that suits the location, is the right size and has the attributes that fit their lifestyle – we can pass customers on to retailers, manufacturers, registered installers. This year we have had record numbers of visitors to our website.”

Within the Guide, HETAS can verify that appliances have been tested and CE marked and that the instructions are adequate and in English; also, that installation guidance and appliance data ensures that competent installers can install an appliance in a way that meets UK Building Regulations.

Bruce added:

“A key benefit of the HETAS third party independent product scheme is that customers can see that any listed stove, chimney, boiler or ancillary product has a third-party independent and impartial validation. Customers like the comfort they get from third party assessment.”

The HETAS Guide 2019 also includes a full list of Woodsure and Ready to Burn suppliers accredited on the UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme.

For 2019, the Guide was also sent out in biodegradable packaging to reduce on the use of plastic.

Get in touch with the HETAS team to request your copy of the HETAS Guide.

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