HETAS Inspection

Part of the requirement of being HETAS Registered is that installers can demonstrate or evidence continuing levels of competence in the areas they are registered for.
HETAS do this by conducting on-site work inspections. These can seem daunting, but need not be and can be a great way to get to know your local inspector and discuss current issues.

Ensuring that you have all relevant documentation ready and available can help the inspection run smoothly and avoid us requiring further information or evidence. The HETAS Inspection Checklist is an aid to ensure you have all relevant documents.

Click to Download Inspection Checklist
Click to Download Inspection Checklist

You will be encouraged to discuss the installation, and carry out certain tasks, such as smoke testing, flue draught and interference tests and Spillage testing. Please ensure that you have the appropriate equipment to carry out these tasks, and that the installation is ready for these to be performed.

It is important that you liaise with your inspector promptly when an inspection is requested. Failure to arrange an inspection can lead to issues with your Registration and cancelling within 5 clear business days can incur a charge.
Your inspector will contact you directly with details about the inspection, including the requested time and date.

Whilst the inspection forms a critical part of our risk assessment, our inspectors are approachable and do not mind you asking questions or seeking their knowledge. You may just be asked to save this until the end of the visit to allow the process to be completed first