Hitting the Target

Hitting the Target

Target Public Relations Agency
A new PR agency for HETAS

HETAS has a growing network of approved retailers across the UK and we view these independent retailers as an important part of the supply chain. Find out what is happening with the HETAS Retails scheme and our work with our new Public Relations team.

HETAS promotes the right first time approach when it comes to installing an appliance and the same can be said when it comes to choosing that appliance. By seeking out professional advice from a trained and approved retailer a consumer can rest assured they will be getting advice on the right appliance for their needs. The HETAS Approved Retailer scheme has been running for many years with numbers continuing to grow. Installer businesses already with HETAS can join the Retailer scheme for just £114 plus VAT (just £11.40 a month). Businesses not with HETAS can join for £164 plus VAT.


In support of retailers, HETAS continues to raise public awareness around the importance of getting it right first time. More recently our messaging has been surrounding the Clean Air Strategy and highlighting the initiatives industry is working on to reduce the environmental impact from domestic burning. These initiatives support the notion that wood burning is not going to be banned.

Recently, we engaged a team of scientists to research the matter of the proportion of particulate emissions that might be attributed to residential solid fuel burning. We hope to find out the true sources of emission and where they come from so that we can prioritise our actions and ensure our industry is seen as part of the solution not part of the problem. Stay tuned to our newsletter, website and social media channels for important updates on this work.

Public Relations

Until the start of the year, HETAS was working with Golley Slater to deliver its PR services. To build on this strong foundation, we recently recruited Target, a Cheltenham based Public Relations agency. Our PR message is very simple and ultimately intends to ensure consumers make sound choices by using HETAS services, choosing the right appliance from our retailers, installed by a HETAS installer, followed by regular servicing and sweeping.

The team at Target has a strong background in the HVAC sector. Target has been ADEY’s selected PR partner since 2010, building and maintaining key media relationships through proactive press office services, creating impactful award-winning campaigns that highlight industry hot topics, and demonstrating thought leadership to influence UK policy makers. Their work with ADEY has targeted both trade and consumer press and their experience will be invaluable in building on a strong platform created by Golley Slater.

Announcement imminent?

Things are incredibly busy at HETAS and we continue to work with Defra, BEIS and MHCLG (along with the devolved parliaments and assemblies) on the Clean Air, low carbon and building regulations issues.  Through our website, newsletters and social media we will keep our registrants up to speed with developments on government policy. We anticipate an announcement over the coming months on the Clean Air Strategy, so keep an eye out for our monthly newsletters. Ahead of the heating season we will also be launching our dedicated retailer newsletter, this will be sent out quarterly to Approved Retailers and will support the information provided in our monthly newsletter along with specific information for retail outlets.

Regsiter your interest

If you aren’t signed up to the Approved Retailer scheme already, but want to know more about this low cost scheme, please enter your details below and the team will be in touch.