Keeping safe on the roads this winter

HETAS Insurance Services – January 2020 blog

Every winter we wonder what the weather will be like, and with the current climate crisis, weather can be unpredictable. This year, while we can’t guarantee snow in the UK, we do know that it’s likely to be cold! Either way, the winter months can make driving more hazardous, with dark mornings and nights, and low temperatures which can cause icy surfaces.

When your job requires you to travel, staying off the roads isn’t an option, so it is important that you take extra precautions when driving. Here are some simple steps to follow, to ensure you stay safe on the roads over the coming months.

Before setting off

Before taking to the road, take some simple steps to make sure that your car or van is prepared for the weather. If your service is due make sure you get it done as it could highlight potential issues with your vehicle, which you can arrange to have repaired. Many garages offer a free winter car check, so take advantage if there is one available.

It is especially important to check your vehicle’s battery, lights, windscreen and wipers, and tyres. Making sure tyres are properly inflated and have the correct tread is essential, particularly when driving on wet or icy roads.

Know how to react

One of the main hazards that can be caused by poor driving conditions is skidding, this can be particularly dangerous if it happens when driving at speed. However, skids can generally be avoided by adjusting your driving slightly and knowing how to react.

Skids are most likely to occur on turns and curves, so make sure to slow down in plenty of time to prepare. When turning, accelerate slowly and steer steadily, avoiding sudden braking and abrupt changes in direction.

Winter driving kit

It’s a good idea to have some emergency items in your vehicle should you need them. This could include items such as extra clothing including warm layers, a blanket, water, non-perishable food and a first aid kit. As well as items for your vehicle such as jump leads, extra washer fluid and a windscreen scraper for ice or snow. A torch and spare batteries could also come in useful, as well as an in-car charger for your mobile phone.

Now is also a good time to check you have adequate levels of motor insurance. If you would like to discuss your commercial vehicle insurance requirements, or understand more about the tailored cover available from HETAS Insurance Services, get in touch on 01905 886 462, or email

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