Land Energy gain accreditation

Land Energy Girvan Ltd is the latest organisation accredited by HETAS to produce ENplus grade A1 pellets.

HETAS is the UK certification body for ENplus. The scheme is open to pellet producers based in the UK or pellet traders who wish to market to customers in the UK. HETAS will also accept applications from producers or traders in European countries that don’t have their own national pellet council, as long as that country is recognised by the European Pellet Council as participating in the ENplus scheme.

Land Energy’s latest wood pellet manufacturing plant, based in Girvan, Ayrshire, is now open for business, producing premium quality wood pellets. The plant, which has created over 30 jobs in the local area, features a state of the art biomass combined heat and power system.”We are one of the only suppliers in the UK to have installed a Combined Heat and Power system into a wood pellet manufacturing plant allowing us to make our own electricity,” explains Land Energy’s John Westmacott. The biomass fired Combined Heat and Power system will produce 2.3MW of electrical power and 10MW of heat and operate on locally sourced biomass fuel. This reduces the need to use mains electricity or gas and decreases the carbon emissions of the production process to near zero.

The plant produces Land Energy’s premium quality pellets which comply with the ENplusA1 standard, the new pan European standard which ensures pellets of the highest quality featuring maximum energy content and minimum ash content. 60,000 tonnes of wood pellets will be produced per year with locally-sourced timber from sustainable forests and sawmills within a 50 mile radius of the plant – with the potential to heat over 15,000 homes.
For more information on Land Energy visit or contact 0207 440 9572.

For more information on the ENplus scheme and certification with HETAS visit click here

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