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While we still await announcements from Government on future legislation for fuels, Woodsure is going from strength to strength. The Ready to Burn scheme now has 100 suppliers accredited, with numbers growing weekly. Our point of sale checks are now underway as we work to ensure products purchased remain ready to burn.

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Recently the Woodsure Ready to Burn scheme welcomed it’s 100th supplier to the scheme. As the scheme continues to grow, we are seeing an increasing number of enquiries from suppliers. The voluntary Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ initiative is for wood log producers, having a distinct certification category for dry firewood logs where they are able to demonstrate through audit and fuel testing that woodfuel they sell as ‘Ready to Burn’ is:

  • Labelled as ‘Ready to Burn’
  • Is less than 20% moisture content
  • There is point of sale information, labelling and support
  • Where appropriate provides retailers with information on how to effectively store and keep the firewood in good condition.


Additionally, suppliers are required to demonstrate the legality of the stock. More information on this requirement can be found in our article about legality of raw materials.

Point of sale

Depending upon the nature of accredited businesses and the volumes of firewood they sell, Woodsure will undertake a number of point of sale checks on each business. To do this Woodsure will visit a number of retail sites throughout the year and undertake moisture tests on the firewood. Primarily this is to ensure the firewood on sale remains below the 20% moisture content required to join the Ready to Burn scheme but also to identify appropriate labelling and storage at retail outlets. Our checks in the 2018/19 heating season helped us to identify a strong level of compliance through the scheme and assist retailers in improving their methods of storage.

Get in touch

Woodsure and the team are grateful to manufacturers who have added information on Woodsure into their brochures and user instructions. If you would like to discuss ways in which you can support the scheme, or if you require our logos and/or promotional material please get in touch with so we can help out.

With a growing number of suppliers, click here to search for your local Woodsure supplier.

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