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It has recently been announced that the UK government are amending the conditions for which manufacturers are required to affix the UKCA mark to solid fuel and biomass heating products for continued compliance with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations. 

UKCA Update

This is in direct response to recent matters arising from industries being able to meet the 1st January 2023 deadline, including the transfer of technical evidence files covering products from an existing EU27 recognised notified institute to a UK approved body as required by the new UKCA marking regime framework. 

In resolution to these concerns, new measures have now been implemented that allow manufacturers of construction products covered under system 3 of attestation to affix the UKCA mark to products if test evidence within the technical evidence file is covered by either an EU notified institute or UK approved body. 

This will negate the need for product manufacturers to re-test and re-mark existing products to meet the new UKCA requirements.  

If the manufacturer is utilising a test report certified and issued by an existing EU27 notified institute, then as long as the testing was completed before the 31st December 2022, then it can used as a basis for affixing the UKCA mark. 

Any manufacturers utilising test reports from an already UK approved body, then the UKCA mark can again be affixed before placing the product on the UK market. 

It is important to note that the UKCA mark will not be recognised within any of the EU27 members states moving forward, and as recognised previously, CE marking will need to be affixed to products when exporting to the EU, and technical evidence files will be required to meet all current European CE marking procedures. 

Products already placed on the market before the 31st December 2022 with the existing CE mark, and confirmed as already being in the supply chain before this date will not need to undergo any re-marking procedure and can continue to carry the existing conformity assessment mark when supplying to the UK market. 

Newly manufactured products designed and produced to be placed into the supply chain from 1st January 2023 will be required to have initial type testing undertaken by a UK approved body and affix the UKCA mark in accordance with current UKCA regime requirements. 

Those independent boiler products CE marked under the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 will also allow for those products covered by an existing EU27 notified test report certificate to be placed on the market with a UKCA mark using the existing test evidence, if testing was undertaken before 31st December 2022. 

These products will need to undergo conformity assessment with a UK approved body after 5 years, or upon expiry of the certificate (whichever comes first). 

Speaking on the changes HETAS Technical Standards Manager Calvin May comments: 

HETAS has been liaising with manufacturers and government for some time on this matter and we are pleased to see a balanced approach to achieving compliance with the requirements of UKCA. Manufacturers of appliances already go through stringent processes. Anyone who needs further support on the measures needed can contact our experienced product approval team. 

It is hoped that these changes will reduce the burden on manufacturers of solid fuel and biomass appliances. More information for manufacturers on UKCA marking requirements can be obtained by contacting the HETAS product approval team at or by calling us on 01684 278170.

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