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ProMediate Mediation ServicesMediation Services

HETAS is pleased to be announcing the launch of ADR services to our registrants in partnership with ProMediate. ProMediate has a nationwide reputation for it’s mediation services and is registered with the Civil Mediation Council.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Since 1st October 2015 all UK businesses have to be able to provide details of a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Provider when a complaint has been made which cannot be resolved by their own internal complaints process.

ProMediate can offer a time and cost efficient approach to this issue, and is also registered with the EU platform for online consumer complaints.

The business does not just deal with disputes when they arise but also provides information and resources to members through its Members’ Area, and a newsletter to help members to deal with disputes before they get to a contentious stage. It guides its members through the choices they have to make about ADR versus litigation and the Court process.

ProMediate has a nationwide reputation for mediation and is registered with the Civil Mediation Council as well as its consumer ADR scheme being certified by Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).  The business has over 20 independent ADR Officials experienced in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including Accredited International Online Mediators.

It is already chosen ADR supplier to major retailers. Many of its ADR Officials have a wealth of experience of dealing with disputes of all kinds including builders and tradespeople, proving an ideal match to work with HETAS.

Find out more

For more information on this new service visit the HETAS Technical Area to find out more about this new ADR service or click here to visit the ProMediate website.

You can also contact ProMediate by phone on 0203 621 3908, mobile on 07827 961764 or email them directly on


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