Notifications Update from HETAS

The updated HETAS notification system was launched last month. We would like to thank you for your patience while the new system was implemented. There are always challenges with the roll out of a new system, so thank you for your understanding.

We have had some really helpful feedback on the system. We have been listening and we have focused on usability and stability to improve the system. Thanks to your feedback we were able to identify the key sticking points and make changes based on your needs.

The work is far from finished though and this is just the first phase of a bigger development for HETAS. A big part of the reason we went through this change is to allow us to have complete control of how notification submissions are carried out and further develop the system. Over the coming months we will keep adding new functionality. HETAS is committed to keep making improvements that will benefit your use of the system. We know it hasn’t been a painless journey. We have now built the foundations of a system with so many possibilities.

HETAS Notifications New Features

One new feature that we have now implemented is the Notification search. We have started with a much more simple search and display of historic notifications. Over time want to build on this further and offer more filters and features going but, rather than dictate to installers what we think you will need, we have decided to put out what we know you need and keep improving it based on user feedback.

HETAS Notification Search Screenshot
The new look notification search function

Commenting on the developments, HETAS CEO Bruce Allen says:

Installers notifying work to HETAS is a vital part of their work. We want to make this experience as straightforward as possible. HETAS is investing in our systems to assist with this and allow us greater development potential in the future.

We hope installers are now seeing the benefits of our new system, but if you have any concerns at all we really do want to hear from you so we can further develop things for your benefit.

We want to hear from you

If you have any feedback on the system or would like to use the online notification system for the first time please get in touch on 01684 278170 or email

Head over to the HETAS Technical Area to login.

HETAS Notifcations can be purchased via the system, alternatively head over to the HETAS Shop to order notification credits and additional paperwork, including HETAS notice plates and commissioning sheets.

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