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Notifying your installations online can be an easy and effective way of notifying your installations to HETAS. Around two-thirds of you are now notifying your installations online through our updated system. Our system uploads notifications to the Local Authorities once a week and a certificate will follow to the homeowner the following week. Using this system in a timely manner means we can notify an installation well in advance of the 30 day requirement to do so.

Online notifications with HETAS


Alongside your requirement to notify to HETAS, you will also appreciate the importance of commissioning. Using the HETAS commissioning sheets is also the perfect opportunity to leave appropriate paperwork.

Building Regulations require appliances and flue systems to be tested on completion to ensure safe operation. the guidance in Approved Document J (1.54) states:

In order to document the steps taken to achieve compliance with the requirements, a report should be drawn up showing that materials and components appropriate to the intended application have been used and that flues have passed appropriate tests. A suggested checklist for such a report is given in Appendix A and guidance on testing is given at Appendix E. Other forms of report may be acceptable.

Essentially you are checking that the appliance and flue comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations and are safe for use – smoke testing (refer to ADJ Appendix E), spillage testing (see HETAS Technical Bulletin #10) and flue draught testing (see HETAS Technical Handbook Chapter 5.5.3) all assist in identifying the safe operation of an appliance and flue.

As appliances become more efficient in line with Ecodesign and require stricter parameters for efficient combustion, it is important that commissioning test are performed to ensure compliance to manufacturers specific requirements, along with Approved Document L1B (b and c), ensuring the appliance uses no more fuel than required.

The right information for use

Commissioning also includes providing the end-user with sufficient information about the installation and where it involves lighting the appliance can be a great way to demonstrate correct operation to the end-user. It also provides an opportunity to discuss other important items such as fuel quality, maintenance requirements, specific installation items (air vents, CO alarms, and what to do in an emergency).

Free Commissioning Pads

Over the coming week HETAS will be running a promotion to assist installers with complimentary commissioning pads when purchasing online notofications.

  • Purchase between 1- 20 credits you get a free pad of 10
  • Purchase 20+credits they get either 2 pads or a pad of 25

The pads will be issued automatically to you upon purchase on online notifications.

If you aren’t familiar with online notifications but would like to give them a try, please contact the team on 01684 278170 or email When using the online notification system, it is important that we have your up to date contact details. Please get in touch with the team if you need to update any of your contact details with HETAS.

For further guidance on commissioning contact the HETAS Technical Helpline or read our full article on the importance of commissioning.

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