Are you prepared for the New Year?

With Christmas and the New Year celebrations over, it’s time to dust off your overalls, jump into your van and head off to work. Before you do we are sure you’ve done the usual checks on your tools and equipment but have you checked your insurance policy is right for you and your business?

As we all know, the weather in the New Year can be unpredictable. With snow, ice, fog and rain all guaranteed to make an appearance whenever they’re least needed. Here at HETAS Insurance Services we’re advising all our clients to ensure they’ve the correct covers in place, to prepare should the worst happen.

We know the cold the New Year period can be busy with pipes bursting, boilers breaking down, frozen pipes and customers wanting solid fuel appliances installed to ensure they are warm and snug. Others will be considering having a Biomass system fitted to take advantage of the fast approaching Renewable Heat Incentive.

At HETAS Insurance Services we pride ourselves on giving our clients cover for all of their business needs. However this can only be done if we’ve been informed of everything you do. We understand that as your business grows, things change and your own clients may ask you to do other types of work, which you’re more than capable of undertaking.

You need to be aware that if you are undertaking work that isn’t listed in your business description on your insurance schedule, then you do not have cover in place for that work. It’s up to you to ensure you notify your insurer of any new activities you’re undertaking. No one wants to be out of pocket for a claim that isn’t covered; this wouldn’t be the best way to start 2014.

A classic example of this is when HETAS installers are only covered for “Fireplace Installation”, “Building Works” or “Plumbing and Heating”. You may think that these business descriptions fully cover you for the works you do but it would be wise to make sure your insurance provider totally understands your daily activities. If they agree, over the phone, that they do provide you full insurance cover for your business then it is advisable to obtain in writing that they will cover you should the worst case scenario occur. 

Other areas of your policy to pay particular attention to are Warranties, Endorsements, Exclusions, Conditions and Excesses, so please read these carefully paying particular attentions to:

  • ·         Any height limits
  • ·         Premises restrictions
  • ·         Heat conditions
  • ·         Increase in excesses for damage caused by heat or water

So take a few minutes to read through your insurance documents and make sure you have adequate cover in place for 2014.Find out more about HETAS Insurance Services by clicking here.

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