Technical Equipment

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Certificates of Compliance (Exclusive to Registered Installers)

Regulation 16A of the Building Regulations 2000 was amended in 2004 and now places a duty on HETAS Registered Installers to give the property owner a certificate stating that the work carried out by the installer complies with Regulations 4 and 7 of the Building Regulations. The HETAS Ltd Certificate of Compliance has been revised to accommodate this amended requirement and has been endorsed by the ODPM as the only certificate to be used for this purpose.

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HETAS Technical Handbook (Exclusive to Registered Installers)

The HETAS Technical Handbook was launched in September 2012 to provide a means for HETAS to keep registered installers up to speed with regulations and standards. All registered installers were provided with a free handbook during September. Additional copies of the Handbook are available for registered installers, priced at £25.

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Warning Notices


A warning label and accompanying advice notice have been developed by HETAS for installers to warn responsible persons of potentially dangerous installations and faults that would be considered hazardous in the industry. The double sided label is attached to the appliance to advise the user or responsible person that the appliance or installation is not in use as it could cause injury to people or damage to the property. Alongside a warning notice will be issued by an operative and received and acknowledged by an end user or responsible person that identifies the danger and subsequent risk of using the appliance or installation. Here at HETAS we expect all our registrants to determine a cause and rectify a fault immediately.

However, where a situation arises that a fault cannot be dealt with immediately then a warning label and notice can be issued with the permission of the home owner or responsible person not to use the appliance in the interest of safety.

Unlike gas appliances, which are easy to decommission and make safe, solid fuel appliances are difficult to do so. The warning label is therefore an effective visual aid that will prevent use, display due diligence and professionalism by the installer and is a proactive move by HETAS to help the installer recognise poor workmanship or faulty or worn out installations.

To be able to properly diagnose faulty appliances and installations, it is important for operatives to be aware of updates in law, changes in technology and changes in safe working practice.

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Draught Gauges

The DM2000 is only used for measuring flue draught. As chimney draught is a negative pressure it has to be measured on the negative connection of the DM2000 to get a positive result (e.g 20 PA draught – under pressure). The instructions for use a printed on the reverse side of the unit.

In operation when the unit is turned on, there is a rubber hose connected to the negative probe on the unit. A stainless steel probe is connected to the rubber hose. The stainless steel probe is inserted into the appliance where the flue draught is to be measured in a pre-warmed flue. The readings should be recorded during a commissioning process and comply with manufacturers requirements for draught. Further invstigation will be required where excessive or inadequate draught is measured.

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Moisture Meters

When choosing wood for burning there are two significant factors which have an effect on the net calorific value (CV) or the amount of available heat per unit (volume) of fuel:

1. Moisture content

2. Wood density

The moisture content of wood has by far the greatest effect on net CV. Any water in the timber has to evaporate away before the wood will burn, and this will reduce the net energy released as heat. More information on wood as a fuel can be found in the following guide.

You should always take care to burn only dried (seasoned) wood. HETAS now sell useful moisture meters that can be used to quickly identify the moisture content of wood logs, with the European standard being less than 25%. Individual moisture meters are priced at £16.80 with batteries included.

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