RHI Emission Certification


The Renewable Heat Incentive(RHI) is a government financial incentive promoting the installation of renewable technologies to aid in reducing current UK carbon emissions. For end users to receive payments from the incentive, the appliance being installed will need to meet certain Air Quality requirements in relation to Particulate Matter(PM) and Nitreous Oxides(NOx) and must be accompanied by a valid RHI Emissions Certificate(EC) in support of the application process to Ofgem.

HETAS have been contracted by DECC to publish the central web based listing of appliances that have a valid RHI-EC that will enable Ofgem to confirm a valid certificate is available for an application on to both the Domestic & Non Domestic RHI. Without this, all applications will need to acquire a valid EC or Environmental Permit as part of the documentation required to submit an RHI application. The list therefore reduces any burden on the manufacturer to supply individual certificates to applicants to the end user or installer.

The listing is free of charge to all eligible biomass boilers, but does require completion and return of an excel spreadsheet and a copy in .pdf format of the original EC from a Notified Testing Laboratory. The listing provides the manufacturers’ name and basic product details but HETAS approved products will have the additional benefit of linking their listed products back to the HETAS approvals page, where additional information can be found about your boiler.

To view the full list of valid RHI-EC certificates and to apply for listing please visit www.rhieclist.org.uk