Let Prompt Payer support you

Let Prompt Payer support you

For over five years HETAS installers have been benefiting from Prompt Payer membership as part of their registration. There are so many reasons to use this free benefit, along with some new benefits being added this year.

Prompt Payer exists to help our members generate more business and get paid on time. Late payment is one of the biggest threats today and we do our best to make sure your business is protected. Prompt Payer has been working in partnership with HETAS for over five years and installers have been making the most of the benefits available. Every year Prompt Payer has assisted our installers in recovering unpaid invoices and ensuring processes are properly in place to secure payment.

So how does it work?

  • They follow a debt collection procedure, as set out by the Financial Services Authority
  • Where applicable, calculate and add interest and charges as permitted by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998
  • Provide you with a paper trail in case of court action
  • They are on your side and have heard EVERY excuse
  • Prompt Payer will help you through the court process if required
  • Take the stress away
  • Membership is already paid for by HETAS, they take NO collection fee

Nearly 50% of all invoice are paid late, yet 79% of business don’t charge interest that they are allowed under Law. Get in touch with Prompt Payer if you have unpaid invoices and see how they can support you.

Additional Benefits

There are additional benefits to membership with Prompt Payer, including access to a legal helpline and GDPR support packages. This month Prompt Payer is launching its Discount Marketplace, where you can enjoy discounts, rewards and perks on thousands of the brands you love in a variety of categories. Click here to find out more and access the Benefit Hub.

More Information

For more information visit www.promptpayer.co.uk or email info@promptpayer.com.


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