Protect your van from theft

Protect your van from theft

HETAS Insurance Services LogoFor many business owners their van is a key part of their team. It’s not just vital for getting to a job but also carrying all the tools and materials you need to complete a piece of work. Unfortunately it’s not just the van owners that are recognising their value as a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK[1]. In fact, last year 82% of vans were stolen without the owner’s keys[2]. Mainly because the criminal market have access to the same technology as the manufacturers. A criminal can easily hack a keyless entry system by using tech that they find online.

Keyless technology allows a vehicle to be unlocked and started when the key is within a certain distance. The problem for drivers of these vehicles is that by using a remote key thieves can extend the range of an owner’s key giving them easy access to the van.

Reduce the risk

Despite this heightened exposure to vehicle theft, there are steps that you can take to reduce your risk of being targeted:[3]

  1. Only park in secure garages, buildings or fenced-in areas. Alternatively, you could try and park somewhere that you would have a clear view of your vehicle.
  2. Keep your keys somewhere secure within your home, away from any windows.
  3. Don’t leave any valuables, high-end electronics or tools in your vehicle.
  4. Consider using anti-theft devices, such as a steering wheel lock or a fuel cut-off switch.
  5. Have a tracking device installed in your vehicle.
  6. Have your vehicle’s windows etched with its registration number or the last seven digits of the vehicle identification number, as this makes it harder for criminals to sell your van and easier for the police to identify it.

Don’t forget to check your van insurance policy. You need to check that you are adequately covered, and if there are any security conditions you need to follow to ensure your cover is valid. If you have any questions or queries regarding your van insurance, why not get in touch with HETAS Insurance.

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[3] Zywave Personal lines perspective newsletter February 2018

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