Ready to Burn Special Edition Technical Bulletin

The recent media coverage of air quality around London has increased awareness of this important issue, and how it affects our health and the environment.

This Ready to Burn Special Edition Technical Bulletin in association with Woodsure includes information and guidance on the benefits of dry wood over wet wood as well as Ecodesign appliances and smoke control areas. Read the flick book below to learn more.

The Ready to Burn label shows logs are dry and ready for use as wood fuel; the Ready to Burn scheme was launched by Woodsure in 2017 and has received extensive media coverage and support from Defra. Look out for retail bags of wood-fuel clearly labelled as “Ready to Burn” by a Woodsure Certified Supplier; these logs burn more efficiently than unseasoned, green wood and reduce environmental impact. The label helps to distinguish wood that is “Ready to Burn” from wet wood which needs to be seasoned for up to 2 years. Ready to Burn wood-fuel can be part of the solution to the problem of increased airborne particulates.

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