SEO Part 3 – Good Website Design

Good Website DesignSEO Part 3 Good Website Design

Clear Navigation

Try and predict the information your customers will immediately want to see and make sure this is visible when they first visit your site. This information might include:

  • The services you provide,
  • Your business name and location
  • Your contact details and/or a contact form
  • An easy-to-use site menu

Flashy graphics and pop-ups may seem attention grabbing, but they can easily confuse and frustrate your visitors. Similarly, you should only decide to add a fashionable “carousel” or image slider if you can still fit the most important information at the top of your homepage where it is easy to find. If your carousel is able to include text and links to useful pages of your site it can be a useful tool to guide people to where they want to go.

Site Speed

Slower websites will be crawled slower by search engines, which means that any changes you make to your site will take longer to appear in search results.

Additionally, a slower website means your visitors need to wait longer for the information they are looking for, especially if they are using a poor internet connection. There will also be a higher chance that they will leave your site if it is not a pleasant experience to navigate.

Mobile Compatibillity

Google announced at some point in 2018 they will start to index search results giving preference to “mobile first” websites, which are responsive to mobile devices like phones and tablets. These websites will have a better chance at being listed before similar sites which do not react to different screen sizes.

There are plenty of other ways to improve your site’s design; you can get a report of how your website is successful and how it is failing by using tools such as which you can send to your web developer.

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