September Inspections Update

Back in June we issued an update on our inspections following the lockdown period. Since that time many of you have been successfully inspected. Our inspectors are following a rigorous safety process to ensure they are COVID-19 secure.

We were hoping to be in a position to undertake remote assessments, enabling us to assess without a requirement to be on site. As it stands there’s been no relaxing of the requirement by the government for Competent Person Schemes condition to assess Registered Businesses, therefore where an inspection is due (in line with your Registration monitoring schedule), this must take place to maintain Registration.  Undertaking inspections of your work allows us to maintain the high standards of installation we strive for through our scheme.

HETAS continues to engage with MHCLG to enable remote assessments and will keep you updated on progress in this respect. Our sister company Woodsure has successfully undertaken remote assessments and we are positioned to offer this service for HETAS should a change in position from government arise. 

If you are contacted by one of our inspections team or directly by the team at HETAS we do ask that you engage with us to make the necessary arrangements. We fully appreciate that local lockdown measures can place challenges on arranging inspections at this time.

As a reminder, these are some of the measures our inspectors are undertaking on-site for inspections.

  • Inspectors have taken additional CPD from the World Health Organisation on infection and prevention control.
  • During an on-site inspection, HETAS inspectors will operate in accordance with to HM Government guidance for ‘working safely during COVID-19 in other people’s home.
  • We may request further information about the site, appliance and location in order to conduct a risk assessment prior to our visit.
  • Your Inspector will call ahead to check the following and check again on arrival:
    • If anyone in the household is self-isolating or shielding
    • If anyone in the household is showing symptoms of COVID-19
    • You are happy for us to attend
    • Social distancing can be maintained
  • We will be completing our own risk assessments, and request that you also have risk assessments available relating to COVID-19.
  • All Inspectors will carry their own PPE which may be worn throughout the inspection.
  • Hand sanitizing will take place prior to entering and leaving the site.
  • We will be asking that social distancing measures be maintained as far as reasonably practicable throughout the visit, meaning we may request that we enter the room the appliance is situated alone to visually appraise the installation, before completing the inspection in a more open space.  We will look to maintain 2 metre distance throughout or follow guidance for alternative working if this is not practicable.

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