September Product Approvals

The following products have gained HETAS approval in September 2013. Simply click on the manufacturer to visit their website or click on the product to view more details. To find more HETAS Approved Appliances visit the ‘Find Appliance‘ page. Keep up to date with the latest HETAS product approvals in the News section of the HETAS website.

 HETAS Approved Appliances




Hothouse Inspired ProductsHothouse HH4SE, Hothouse HH6SE, Hothouse HH8SE, Breeze HHB4SE, Breeze HHB6SE, Breeze HHB8SE, Hothouse Insert Stove

HETAS MCS Approved Products

MCSProduct PD



Strebel LtdStrebel Turbotec 20, Strebel Turbotec 25, Strebel Turbotec 30, Strebel Turbotec 40

Also added to the HETAS Guide:

Grenadier Firelighters Ltd – Grenadier Electric Fireligher

Approvals for October will be available on the HETAS website on Monday 4th November 2013.

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