The Importance of burning wood on the right appliance

The latest DECC Domestic Wood Use Survey underlines the need to burn wood in Modern Clean burning stoves says The Stove Industry Alliance.
Looking at the appliances, log burning stoves are the most popular appliance at 52%, with open fires, second, on 40%.
The average weekly usage for a wood burning stove is 27 hours, while the average in London is seven hours. The London average has given rise to the view that wood burning is recreational, when in fact the average weekly usage for stoves, across the country, is one hour more than the average use for boilers. This supports the SIA view that stoves are a significant source of home heating.
The survey has also revealed that 70% of wood burning appliances in London are open fires, the worst way to burn wood from the point of view of heat generated, CO2 and particulate emissions. Modern clean burning stoves produce 90% fewer emissions and 14% less CO2 than burning wood in an open fire.
According to the clean Air Act wood should only be burnt in DEFRA exempted appliances in smoke control areas like London. Replacing these open fires with a modern clean burning stove would make an immediate impact on air quality in London
The SIA, working with HETAS, is encouraging the use of stoves that will meet the new European wide target for emissions. These regulations, known as Ecodesign, are due to be introduced in 2022 but the main SIA members are committed to meet the emission limits by 2020 and have already released Ecodesign ready stoves on the market.

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