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Snaplok Rotary Sweep System added to the HETAS Guide

At the start of the year HETAS published its annual Guide to Approved Solid Fuel, Wood and Biomass Products and Services. The Guide has evolved over the years and this year is no different. A new addition to the Guide for 2020 is Rotary Power Sweeping and their range of Snaplok Rotary Sweep Systems.

Chimney Sweeping Equipment

A sound and clean chimney is essential for the continued efficient and safe operation of all solid fuel and wood burning appliances to ensure products of combustion can emit safely and efficiently from the appliance to the outside air. There are a wide variety of sweeping techniques and equipment available within the UK for maintaining a solid fuel chimney/flue, and it is important that the appropriate means of sweeping is used dependent on the type and material of chimney installed, especially the chimney lining.

Snaplok Rotary Power Sweeping listing

Rotary Power Sweeping

There are no applicable technical standards or regulations associated with the design, production or performance of this type of equipment. We must stress that certain attachments available for use with the rotary sweeping kits provide a very vigorous or aggressive cleaning process that might cause damage to certain types of chimney lining. It is the operator’s responsibility to be able to ascertain the correct and most suitable equipment to use for the chimney being cleaned. This expertise can only be attained following appropriate training and so it is recommended that the equipment listed below is only used by trained and competent persons. HETAS understands that the manufacturer provides the appropriate training, as well as a set of in-depth operating instructions.

In the absence of any specific regulatory standards covering this type of product HETAS is not able to provide an approval. The listing is therefore simply a recognition that the manufacturer has carried out all necessary steps regarding safety, training and operating guidance to ensure their product is safe and fit for purpose. By entering this equipment listing in the HETAS Guide we are confirming that this equipment provides an effective means of cleaning a chimney serving a solid fuel combustion appliance. This confirmation is made by HETAS under the understanding that operators of the equipment are competent to do so having taken part in a training course provided by the manufacturer.

Visit the Snaplok website to find out more about their range of HETAS listed products and associated training available for the products.

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Other Listings

HETAS Guide 2020 Front Cover
HETAS Guide 2020

Part 4 of the HETAS Guide lists a growing range of installation, safety and maintenance equipment, including prefabricated insulated fireplace recess liners, thermal storage cylinders, link-up systems for heating and hot water, pre-insulated pipework, permanent ventilators and equipment listed on behalf of COGDEM.

To view all these products and the Snaplok Rotary Power Sweeping systems, visit the HETAS Guide of the website by clicking here.

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