Success this Chimney Fire Safety Week for HETAS

Thank you to everyone who helped us to support Fire Kills’ Chimney Fire Safety Week 2021. The campaign week, which started on the 30th, was a great success for HETAS and Woodsure, culminating in our radio features which aired across the UK.

Hundreds of you made use of the campaign asset pack and we saw a big increase in the number of UK Fire and Rescue Services requesting the resources to use for their social media channels.

Press and Radio Coverage

To raise awareness around chimney fires and the preventative action to take, HETAS and Woodsure took to the radio, following a successful campaign on the airwaves earlier in the year to promote the introduction of new fuel legislation. The coverage was a combination of pre-recorded interviews and live discussions. The focus was very much on using local channels to reach consumers nationwide.

You can listen to various clips from the Chimney Fire Safety Week interviews on HETAS and Woodsure social platforms or listen to the full interviews on YouTube.

The radio coverage was further supported by traditional print coverage and social media campaigns. 

Our awareness outreach was also supported by our quarterly consumer newsletter, which reaches out to tens of thousands of consumers. Dedicated articles on the website for consumers helped us to achieve an increase in website sessions in comparison to the campaign last year.

All of this resulted in an increase in consumers visiting the website and searching for HETAS Approved Chimney Sweeps, Servicing Technicians and searching for certified fuels.


In England, reported instances of chimney fires continue to decline, with 3,105 reported chimney fires in England from April 2020 to March 2021. Welsh government has just published their fire statistics for the same period, showing a levelling off, with 333 chimney fires. South Wales saw an increase of 26%, Mid Wales saw a decrease of 13% and North Wales an increase of 8%. Scotland will publish their statistics in the coming months.

As we head towards the heating season, it is vitally important that we all continue to share the important messages around chimney fire safety. Keep an eye on the HETAS social media channels for regular safety messages.

Become a HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep

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