Industry giants lead the way to prevent further deaths from CO

CO-2014-email-Banner-v3The UK’s four main gas industry networks have joined forces to deliver this year’s carbon monoxide conference Knowledge is Power. Every year in the UK, 40 preventable deaths occur due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Knowledge is Power, hosted by The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), aims to reduce this number to zero.

Following on from the unmitigated success of last year’s landmark Carbon Monoxide: Ignorance Can Be Fatal event, this year’s conference will bring together the ‘Big Four’ gas distribution firms alongside hundreds of industry stakeholders, from emergency service personnel to charity cam

Speaking on behalf of the Big Four, a spokesperson said: “Following the success of last year’s conference, we are delighted to join together as a group to deliver this year’s conference.

“Much progress has been made over the last 12 months and we look forward to sharing this with delegates, in addition to working together to tackle an element we are all passionate about – converting awareness to action.

“Through quality research, continued industry collaboration and openness to new innovation we believe we can really make a difference as we continue our efforts to stop the silent killer.”

Supported by the Carbon Monoxide All Actions Forum; the event takes place at the Queens Elizabeth Conference Centre II in London, on July 9th. It will highlight the latest research, education and innovation technology in the fight against CO poisoning.

Steve Miller, Chair of the CO All Fuels Action Forum, said: “The Forum was developed out of a desire to see more collaborative ways of acting on carbon monoxide poisoning. As such, we are really thrilled to be supporting IGEM and all the gas distribution networks to host a second national carbon monoxide conference.”

Fronting the conference will be Baroness Finlay, Barry Sheerman MP and industry representatives from Gas Safety Register, PHE, HETAS, EIC and many more.

The conference aims to meet the needs of every industry involved in the safe utilisation of fuels, from fire safety chiefs to medical professionals, scientists, community workers and housing groups, helping them to mitigate the risks of carbon monoxide now and in the future.

IGEM Technical Services Manager Keith Needham said: “Last year, our focus was to bring together for the first time all those in industry, supporting agencies, representatives from related organisations and charity groups to raise awareness of CO.

“A series of objectives were set following the conference that, when completed, would have a significant impact on deaths and injuries through CO poisoning.

“We in this country benefit from one of the safest gas networks in the world. Our behaviour towards the use of gas through our appliances and how these are maintained has to change. So this year we are demonstrating that knowledge really is power and that by equipping ourselves with the tools to keep homes and businesses safe, everyone has a role to play in preventing deaths and injuries from CO. It’s great to have the full backing of the four industry gas distribution networks on such an important issue.

“Every death or injury from carbon monoxide poisoning is 100 per cent preventable. Now is the time to spread this crucial message.”

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Carbon Monoxide Conference

Leading experts joins forces in the fight against the ‘silent killer’ Carbon Monoxide

 The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers has joined in partnership with gas distribution network Wales & West Utilities supported by the Carbon Monoxide All Fuels Action Forum to host a FREE one day conference to campaign and coordinate action against the unnecessary deaths, injuries and suffering caused by carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Taking place at Pride Park Stadium, Derby on 11th July 2013 this conference will bring leading experts from diverse fields and industries together to provide the facts and latest research findings on CO Poisoning, with Q&A sessions to bolster learning and dispel myths. Themed breakout sessions will enable attendees to share their views and collaborate with other individuals to recommend ways to raise overall awareness across all industries, improve CO detection and the technologies available which can help prevent Carbon Monoxide.

The event is aimed at solid fuel industries, emergency response services, healthcare and educational professionals, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, caravan parks and private landlords.

Speakers include Barry Shearman MP, Baroness Finley and industry representatives from Gas Safety Trust, CogDEM, Corgi and Co+ Savi Group.

Peter Hardy, IGEM’s Head of Technical Services, said: “The purpose of the conference is to identify and agree new actions to eliminate deaths from accidental CO poisoning, the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the UK and wider developed world. Our priority is to highlight and tackle the wide array of circumstances which lead to tragedies, for instance all fossil fuels appliances must be safely installed and maintained to avoid tragedies.’

David Kidney Chair of the Carbon Monoxide All Fuels Forum said: “This CO conference is a landmark event on carbon monoxide poisoning for 2013. It will be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to gain an understanding of the serious threat posed by carbon monoxide poisoning. I’m delighted the All Fuels Forum is a part of this event and look forward to taking an active role. Carbon Monoxide can emanate from any fuel source and therefore needs to be considered by a wide range professionals, engineers and regulators. We look forward to engaging with all those who will attend the conference. We shall be looking for ideas and initiatives on this complex issue to help inform policy making and stamp out carbon monoxide poisoning wherever it occurs.”

Mark Oliver, Director of Business Services from WWU said:  ‘At Wales & West Utilities we are always looking for new ways to engage with key stakeholders to raise awareness of the dangers of CO.  We are delighted to be involved in this initiative; working closely with valued partners to encourage innovation in minimising CO related deaths and injuries across the UK.’

It is estimated that CO poisoning still kills around 50 people each year with a further 1,100 recorded cases of admissions to hospital. The real figures are likely to be significantly higher, since awareness levels and detection rates remain relatively low.

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