Chimney Safety Group

Chimney Safety Group Formed

Chimney Safety GroupOrganisations responsible for the safety and maintenance of chimneys and flues have come together to form a Chimney Safety Group to promote and offer solutions to chimney related problems in the UK.

HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing & Approvals Scheme) is joining forces with APICS (Association of Professional and Independent Chimney Sweeps), The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) and The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps to influence legislation, organisations, government departments and standards committees.

The group will draw on the strengths of the independent organisations and will meet to deal with common safety concerns and support awareness initiatives, such as Chimney Safety Week. The unique access of chimney sweeps will be used to influence consumer safety and awareness.

The partnership of equals creates a stronger voice for educating the UK public on chimney and flue issues, with the core aim of reducing air pollution and chimney-related accidents.

Chimney Fire Safety Week

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017HETAS Supports Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017

We are now less than a month away from Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017. Once again, HETAS will be supporting the Fire Kills campaign which works with industry and Fire and Rescue Services to promote this positive safety message to consumers. How will you be supporting the campaign?

In 2016 HETAS launched a campaign logo that is available for everyone to use during Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017. The team has developed a campaign pack that can be downloaded via the HETAS Technical Area. We will also be including statistics on chimney fires by county, so you can share chimney fire statistics in your area on your website or through your social media channels. We hope to have the information for April 2016 to March 2017 available from the Home Office before the campaign starts.


In England, Wales and Scotland the overall trend since 2012/13 has been positive in recent years, with chimney fires on the decrease. The figures below demonstrate this trend. Figures run from April to March and are yet to be released for 2016/17. HETAS will make these available as soon as they are published by the respective Fire and Rescue Services.

2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17
England 7,251 5,986 5,179 4,193
Wales 771 578 549 432
Scotland 1375 1,093 975 882

Regional statistics can be downloaded in the HETAS Technical Area and will enable you share chimney fire statistics for your area.

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Please login to the HETAS Technical Area in advance of the campaign which starts on the 4th September and do what you can to promote Chimney Fire Safety Week. Let us know if you are planning an event and share the details with us on


CO Awareness Week 2016

CO Awareness Weekcoawareness-logo

November 21st to 27th is Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week. Join people, organisations and businesses of all sizes to help raise awareness of the danger of carbon monoxide.

Organised by Lynn Griffiths and her charity, Carbon Monoxide Awareness, the campaign is now in its eleventh year. Lynn suggests there are a number of ways you can get involved to support the charity and the campaign this year:

  1. Update your carbon monoxide materials with the charity’s logo and messages. This could be via your website, blogs, leaflets, posters, magazines, eNewsletters or advertising.
  2. Use your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin to warn about the dangers of carbon monoxide.
  3. Hold an event to engage your local community and make everyone aware of the importance of being carbon monoxide aware.
  4. Talk to school children, scouts, cubs, brownies, girl guides, lunch clubs etc about the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home, while camping or on boats.
  5. Promote the charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness and Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week to the public by engaging local and national media.
  6. Promote carbon monoxide to your staff on your intranet, email signatures, screensavers, staff noticeboards and staff training.
  7. Do you have a store or business? Why not add information about the dangers of carbon monoxide to your notice boards, websites or plan tannoy announcements throughout National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week?
  8. Help raise much needed funds for the charity by holding charity ‘wear your own clothes to work/school days’, car washes, sell cakes, raffles, bingo etc.
  9. If you or your family has been effected by carbon monoxide please talk to your local press and/or TV about what happened to you/your family. Let them know you are doing this to show your support to the charity “Carbon Monoxide Awareness’ and the charity’s 8th National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.
  10. Just click and show your support:

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Charity is an independent registered charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers. If you are planning something during CO Awareness Week, get in touch with Lynn and let her know.

HETAS also has a range of consumer advice leaflets available to our registrants via the HETAS Shop, including a FREE carbon monoxide leaflet. Visit to order your copies.

Many of you will have also seen recent press coverage surrounding Which? testing of carbon monoxide alarms. Visit the HETAS News Page to find out more information.