Your Technical Area

Your Technical Area

Your Technical AreaTechnical Area update – make use of the HETAS Technical Area

Have you made use of your Technical Area? Launched in 2016, the Technical Area is the go to resource for HETAS Registrants. From Bulletins to Technical Notes through to useful links and documents. Recently uploaded is the Ready to Burn Bulletin.

The HETAS Technical Area is a free to use benefit for HETAS registrants and contains a wealth of information to support the guidance provided through your training, helpline support and Technical Handbook.

In the Technical Area you will find:

  • All of the HETAS Technical Bulletins
  • The recent
  • Technical Notes – from thatch guidance to CO alarm positioning
  • All of our e-newsletters (from 2013 onwards)
  • Detailed guidance on Energy Labelling Requirements

In addition this dedicated platform offers useful links, guidance documents and documentation to support registrants in their daily work. Useful links include:

  • COSHH guidance
  • CDM Regulations
  • Working at Height
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Asbestos
  • Guidance from Which? Trusted Traders

Back in January the requirement for Energy Labelling for roomheater stoves come into force. Click here to find out more or visit the HETAS Technical Area for detailed guidance.

Click here to access the HETAS Technical Area now.

Your Helpline

Your HelplineYour Helpline

The HETAS Technical Helpline is here to help our registrants and with a wealth of experience across the team the helpline has now taken in excess of 40,000 calls. The Helpline exists purely to help HETAS registrants and we want to hear from you.

The Helpline, introduced in 2013, is heralded as one of the major benefits of registration by HETAS registrants, unsurpassed, the team consisting of industry experts with backgrounds as installers, technicians and teachers. Now in its 4th year the team have taken in excess of 41,000 calls discussing a multitude of topics. The email is also comprehensively covered by the team. Again, highly popular for those occasions when we just want to seek reassurance or guidance on a range of scenarios.

The technical helpline team can also call upon additional technical support from the training team, Product Approval team and inspection services, meaning you have the extended support of industry professionals who a just a call or email away. The Woodsure team also provide additional support for wood fuel based enquiries.

Get in touch

Have you got a technical question for the team? Get in touch now on 01684 278194 and have your registration number to hand. Alternatively send an email to

HETAS Registrants can also access a range of technical support documents in the HETAS Technical Area.


Technical Area Launched

HETAS Technical Area Launch

Alongside the recent release of our April Technical Bulletin, we also launched the brand new HETAS Technical Area. This is a part of the website exclusively available for Registered Installers, Approved Chimney Sweeps and Approved Retailers. You’ll find archived bulletins, e-newsletters and much more.

Access to the Technical Area can be accessed via We have already issued usernames and passwords via email to each registered business using the email address we hold on our records. If you have not received your email or are having difficulty logging in please contact with your HETAS registration number.


Also provided in the Technical Area is support documentation, guidance documents, detailed external air supply information and guidance documents from the team at Which? Trusted Traders.

We have had some great feedback on the Technical Area already and we have developed this part of the HETAS website with our registrants in mind. If you have any comments or suggestions we’d be delighted to hear your thoughts. This will also enable us to further develop the Technical Area for our benefit.

Click here and let us know your thoughts.