CO Alarm Positioning

CO Alarm Positioning

HETAS Technical Note on CO Alarm Positioning GuidanceA number of installer calls received on the HETAS technical helpline relate to the suitable positioning of an appropriate carbon monoxide (CO) alarm and which types of alarms available on the market are suitable for use with solid fuel technologies. Any CO alarm should be permanently affixed in the same room in which the appliance is situated and should conform to the essential requirements of the applicable BS EN 50291:2010 CO alarm manufacture standard.

To aid registrants further in identifying best practice positioning of a regulatory CO alarm and to allow the consumer the highest possible response time should the CO alarm activate HETAS has developed the downloadable Technical Note 0022, providing guidance on alarm selection and positioning, as well as the responsibility of landlords and the importance of educating the consumer on how a CO alarm can save lives if positioned correctly.

Technical Note

The Technical Note should be used as a reference point in conjunction with the UK Building Regulations, as well as appropriate standards. Further guidance can be obtained by contacting the HETAS Technical Helpline on 01684 278194 or email

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