HETAS Technical Bulletin

HETAS Technical Bulletin

The first edition of the HETAS Technical Bulletin is now available to registered installers, approved sweeps and retailers and approved manufacturers. The technical bulletin has been developed to keep industry up to date with the latest news and technical developments. In the first edition we cover the latest changes to regulations regarding flue pipe connections, the new in house Technical Helpline, the important work HETAS does in Europe, a CE marking reminder and refresher training along with articles on fire surrounds and nuisance to neighbours.

The bulletin will provide registrants with regular updates on technical issues and regulation changes as they happen along with important industry news. This will compliment the monthly e-news and  the free HETAS Technical Handbook which is provided to HETAS registered installers. The HETAS Technical Helpline is also available to registrants to clarify any technical issues and is available every weekday from 9am to 4.30pm.

If you have a technical issue or query you would like covered in the technical bulletin please contact the team on marketing@hetas.co.uk.

If you haven’t yet received your technical bulletin please email marketing@hetas.co.uk with your business name and registration number to receive your copy via email.

For more information on registration with HETAS and the benefits available please visit www.hetas.co.uk/professionals

HETAS Registrant Technical Helpline

HETAS Technical Helpline Number

HETAS Technical Helpline Contact

From Thursday 1st August 2013 the HETAS Technical Helpline will have a new number along with a dedicated email. Please update your records with the new contacts as the existing number will not be available from this Thursday. Your new contact details for the HETAS technical helpline are as follows

Helpline: 01684 278194

Email: technical@hetas.co.uk

The technical helpline will be available to HETAS Registered Installers, HETAS Approved Retailers and Approved Chimney Sweeps. The helpline is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm (closing at 4.30pm on Fridays). The team will be available to answer all your queries on regulations, standards, installation and much more. Have your registration details at hand when calling for the team to verify your registration with HETAS.

Flue size update

doc_jIn October 2010 our Technical and Training Manager Andy Mathews issued an update on flue sizes, the issues highlighted by Andy remain prominent and can be read below. Andy writes: Through the ongoing HETAS inspections process we are realising that there are a number of installations that are failing in respect of the flue installation. One of the more common areas of non compliance has been recognised by our inspectors and these concern flue sizes and those associated flue connection arrangements. It has been observed that 125mm flues have been fitted instead of the required 150 mm flues. There is clear evidence in failure to observe the appropriate Building Regulations in force controlling the installation of flue liners.

All appliances up to 30kW

The Building Regulations 2010 state that appliances burning any fuel and rated up to 30kw would require a minimum 150mm diameter flue liner. The Building Regulations are more stringent than manufacturers’ instructions; therefore, the Building Regulations must be abided by unless the manufacturers’ installation instructions state a larger diameter. The quoted flue liner size should be as per manufacturer’s instructions but in all cases should be at least 150 mm diameter or larger where appropriate. The following extract confirms this: The Building Regulations (2010) Approved Document J: page 30, 2.6, that “For multi-fuelled appliances, the flue should be sized to accommodate burning the fuel that requires the largest flue.”

Smokeless Fuelled Appliances: and Defra exempted Appliances up to 20kW rated output

A DEFRA exempted appliance is one that meets the standard for burning non-authorised fuels in accordance to the Clean Air Act. The Building Regulations, Approved Document J, Table 2, suggest you may line the chimney with a 125 mm diameter liner for burning only authorised smokeless fuels or the fitting of an exempted appliance burning one of the fuels listed in the exemption record for that appliance. This assumes that the appliance manufacturer does not specify a
larger diameter flue is required.

Note: This is not to be confused with connecting flue pipes, where the connecting flue pipe should have the same cross sectional area as that of the appliance flue outlet, and should not be smaller than the size recommended by the appliance manufacturer. Where possible the Connecting flue pipe should be kept to the shortest practical length.

Registered installers should also refer to Chapter 11 of the HETAS Technical Handbook.

Andy Mathews
Technical and Training Manager

Heat Producing Appliance Ventilation

Heat Producing Appliance Ventilation

Rytons Building Products have released the following update on ventilation for heat producing appliances, the article can be found on the Rytons website by clicking here.

In October 2010 the Building Regulations Part J changed – but some manufacturers still have not. The changes meant all ventilators for heat producing appliances should be tested by an accredited independent company for equivalent area. This is the air that actually passes through the product not (as previously) geometrical free area which is simply the measurement of the most restricted openings. The old style of measurement was felt to be less accurate due to the more modern designs of ventilator which tend to incorporate changes in shape, complex baffles and cowls which limit performance (air that can pass through).







If you look at the image above it’s easy to appreciate how simply measuring the gaps between the baffles would not be a true reflection of how much air actually flows through the vent as a complete system.  That’s why it’s so important to purchase products which declare an equivalent area.

Being at the forefront of ventilation we realised this was the safest and most accurate way to measure airflow many years ago and have been publishing only equivalent areas for our boiler, stove and fire ventilators for over a decade.

Rytons are currently the only manufacturer to have products approved by HETAS and the BBA.  We also have our own on-site testing facility for research and development of our products before sending them away for independent testing. Next time you go to purchase a ventilator for a fire, boiler or stove ask for the equivalent area to ensure you comply with current Building Regulations.

To view all the permanent ventilators in the HETAS Guide click here.

Rytons Heat Producing Appliance Ventilation Brochure is available to download by clicking here. For orders and enquiries contact 01536 511874.