Terms and Conditions, for us and you

It seems everything nowadays has Terms and Conditions attached to it and for HETAS running a competent person scheme is no different. Our scheme in England and Wales is run through authorisation from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). This places a requirement on HETAS to run the scheme in certain ways. It also places requirements on those who join the scheme.

UKAS Accredited

For HETAS, like all CP (Competent Person) schemes in all trade sectors, we are required to maintain our UKAS accreditation.  This means we’re independently assessed on an annual basis and are required to have robust and nondiscriminatory management systems to demonstrate our financial viability.

When it comes to our staff, we are responsible for ensuring assessors and inspectors have the technical ability to assess the competence of registrants to meet compliance. We are also required to demonstrate we operate without conflicts of interest when running the scheme.

So what does this mean for you? 

These conditions of operation are mirrored in the requirements of our terms and conditions Our team is here to support you in meeting these conditions through all phases of the CP process. We ensure these are met through our application, renewal, and inspection processes. Our registration team is here to support you and ensure you can meet these conditions.

Over recent months we have adopted a flexible risk-based, approach to meeting these conditions and remain in contact with MHCLG to ensure our scheme remains viable, these include:

  • Competencies are kept up to date – this is done through refresher training, newsletters, Bulletins, Technical Notes and Handbooks
  • Provide ongoing technical help and advice to registrants as required – the HETAS Technical helpline exists to support you with this, please do make use of this valuable service
  • Undertake surveillance of its registrants’ work – this is where our inspections come into play and are to ensure compliance with Building Regulations and scheme conditions
  • Effective sanctions in place for dealing with non-compliance with the Building Regulations and/or a breach of scheme rules – our scheme conditions deal with this and we have a robust process to deal with breaches, gladly most registrants never need sanctions placed on them and get things right first time
  • Notified by registrants of all completed work within the scope of the scheme – we have 30 days to notify the Local Authority, so require your paper or online notification within 7 days of completion of works (or 10 days for online notifications).


HETAS requires that you have the following documents in place and we have provided templates and guidance where appropriate in the Technical Area:

  • evidence of insurance, 
  • risk assessment and method statements, 
  • processes for handling complaints, 
  • quotations, 
  • contracts. 

We work to the principle of right first time and we want to support you in doing so to enable your business to thrive and deliver great customer services. As we pick up inspections, renewals, and refresher training beyond lockdown we thank you for your ongoing support in meeting the requirements of being a competent person with HETAS.

Get in touch

To discuss your registration with HETAS, contact the team on 01684 278170 or email info@hetas.co.uk

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